How to Become a Host on Tyviso Rewards

This guide shares how to become a Host on Tyviso Rewards. Get started today to reward your customers, make them stick around for longer and earn money whilst doing it.

Step 1: Join Tyviso Rewards

Request a login from your account representative at Tyviso. We’ll then send you a login where you can pop in and sign up:

Tip: During login, you will be asked to set up two-factor authentication. We suggest downloading Google Authenticator to your phone.

Step 2: Create your page

Follow the guided setup in the platform to set up your page for the first time:

Step 3: Select/Apply to Partners

Tip: There are two statuses of ads that advertisers can upload:

  1. Auto-Approved: The ad is available to run immediately.
  2. Approval Required: The advertiser must approve you before you can run it.

For where you choose to run an ad that requires approval, please allow 48 hours.

Step 4: Apply Approved Rewards To Your Grid

Using the intuitive drag-and-drop system, choose where you want the ads to appear.

Step 5: Embed The Script On Your Page

Once you’ve finished everything, hit publish.

The platform will then generate you a script like the below:

<tyviso-rewards partnerID=”XXXXXXXXXX“></tyviso-rewards>

    <script src=””></script>

Paste this on to your site or app and enjoy your new reward platform.

Published by Adrian Vella

He is the co-founder of Tyviso and COO. With 10 years experience in digital advertising, Adrian honed his skills primarily at online behemoth Yahoo!. Working across a range of specialties including, Search, Display and Native he twice received a CEO commendation and industry rising star at the IPA Media Owners awards. After Yahoo he gained further experience in Director level roles in Lead Generation, Affiliates and Influencer marketing, sitting on the industry steering group for the last. Adrian's goal is to enable all e-commerce brands to achieve risk free sales at a fixed cost.

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