Upsell With Zipify And Watch Your Profits Multiply

The purchase funnel is a simple way to visualise the complex process of garnering leads and converting them into paying customers. Breaking it down into this format helps understand what it is and implement it into a business plan. After all, acquiring and converting new leads is critical for a full-funnel marketing campaign. The upper part of the funnel takes care of driving users to the site, transforming them into leads and purchasers in the lower part of the funnel.

What is Zipify 

Zipify offers two different products, both aiming at improving your funnel:

–    Zipify Pages: Create custom landing pages fully integrated with Shopify to help improve the upper part of the purchase funnel.

–    One-click upsell: A Pre and post-purchase upsell flow, helping to improve the lower part of the funnel.

 This article focuses on One Click Upsell. Click here to learn more about Zipify Pages.

One Click Upsell (OCU) Features

One-click upsell is a tool that helps to add extra items to your customers’ cart. It claims to, on average, raise your basket value by 15%.

Here are the major features of Zipify OCU:

Optimized Pre- & Post-Purchase Upsells

Increase your revenue and boost average order value overnight — without a designer or developer! No need for your customers to go back through Checkout or re-enter any information.

Pre-Purchase (In-Cart) Upsells

Offer complementary products, product upgrades and product bundles right from the cart page.

Zipify OCU Page Builder

Post-Purchase One-Click Upsells

High-converting upsell offer pages that have undergone rigorous testing on high-volume Shopify stores. Easily customisable to match the look and feel of your site.

Thank You Page Upsells

Yet another opportunity to upsell to users after they have completed buying from you. This widget is shown alongside a user’s completed order.

Built-In Split Testing

It’s effortless in Zipify OCU to set up and run multiple tests concurrently. This is an essential part of working out the ideal upsell for your users, particularly initially. You can test offers, designs, copy and quantity of upsells with a couple of clicks.

Native Shopify Integration

Choose your existing inventory within Shopify to get started and quickly set up relevant upsell opportunities. Handle all payments with Shopify pay or other third-party payment systems that you can already access.

Zipify OCU Pricing

Zipify OCU has a sliding scale of a pricing plan, IE the more money it makes you, the more you need to pay for it. On the face of it, this is actually pretty fair. It means that the more value they provide you (and are incentivised to do so), the more they get paid. Win-Win.

Zipify OCU Pricing

Plans start at a little under $25 a month and range up to $850 a month. To be fair, on that higher rate, they need to be driving you £350k worth of incremental revenue to start charging that!

Zipify OCU Benefits

Why do you need an app like this?

Here are the benefits that you can get from your subscription:

  • Increased AOVs – on average stores who use Zipify OCU experience a 15% increase in sales. Pro Tip: Use high margin items as upsells to further push your profits further.
  • No charge based on how many people see upsells – Most apps work on the basis of viewership rather than value. By only charging based on how much money OCU generates you, they are instantly more geared towards generating value
  • Free 30 day trial – unlike sister product Zipify Pages, Zipify OCU comes with a 30 day period. In the event you don’t want to continue, simply delete the app before the end of the trial and you won’t be charged further.
  • Free email sequence from a top 100 shopify store – this is a hefty reason just to even take out the free trial. As discussed in some of our other blog posts, it’s 5x cheaper to maintain a customer than acquire a new one.
  • ROI of 3.5 to 410x – these are some very bold claims that Zipify OCU are making, but do seem pretty justified, within a couple of transactions you should easily cover the cost of this tool. From there, the sky is the limit.

Zipify OCU – Is It Worth It?

With its free trial, cost on the generated revenue model and bonus email sequence, it’s tough to consider not giving Zipify OCU a trial. We know we would.

A careful thing to consider when setting up is what are the products that you have that are worth upselling. Pre-purchase may not work for everyone, just because, for example, you may not have a larger version of the same product you are selling.

However, post-purchase and thank you pages are almost guaranteed to be excellent new sources of revenue for your store.

Whilst Zipify OCU & Pages more help on the front end in generating revenue, if you can combine this with that email sequence, you can likely create significant amounts of repeated income that are as a result of these tools but not directly attributable as defined by them.

Published by Pierre Cozzani

CEO at Tyviso. Pierre started working in advertising in 2009 whilst completing his masters degree in Marketing Management at Bocconi University in Milan. From 2011 to 2015 he worked at three different Yahoo! offices in Barcelona, London and Dublin, growing accounts of key advertisers across EMEA. Most recently, before co-founding Tyviso, he worked at gambling powerhouse Entain, leading the digital acquisition team and delivering in excess of half a million new customers yearly. Pierre’s goal is to build a network of e-commerce brands where everyone can benefit from each other in both knowledge and critically increased sales.

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