7 Ad Copy Ideas That If You Haven’t Already, You Must Try

As demonstrated in our other blog post, Magic Spoons marketing team needs a raise!

This blog post will post on some of the ad copy strategies that the team is implementing to crush Facebook Ads. Grab your pencil and notepad. This is going to be a useful one.

Social Proof: 

This is a unique take on social proof that not enough brands are utilizing. 

Magic Spoon created enough room so you can read the first paragraph of this Forbes article without feeling overwhelmed. 

If you’ve ever been featured in a significant publication, try this format yourself!

Ad Copy 1

UGC Ads: 

Influencer marketing is a huge part of Magic Spoon’s overall marketing strategy. 

Here they’re utilizing dark posting, which means the ads don’t appear on the influencer’s timeline, page, or story. 

The benefit of dark posting highlights the user perspective, but it’s undermined with ad copy that feels like the band wrote it in this case. 

This particular copy is used throughout various ads. It’s worth considering trying a more organic headline and copy in the voice of the influencer. 

Ad Copy 2


This ad is top-notch. The copy, creativity, and headline are all spot on. 

The milk or cereal first debate is something we’ve all had a heated conversation around. The four squares and eye-catching colours make this a scroll stopper, too. 

They could take it further by running a poll with this ad and creating custom landing pages for each answer. 

Each landing page could include a copy that reads, “We’re so glad you chose this route – we’re on your side. “

It’s widely reported that split frames like this perform exceptionally well. Try it for your brand. 

Ad Copy 3


We’ve seen brands have BIG success when leading with a testimonial.  The emojis do a great job of breaking up the text, especially the “X”, which really draws the eye. 
Be careful when using star emojis.  Facebook won’t let you put five-star emojis in a row, as they think you’re faking reviews. 

Ad Copy 4


Notice the flow of information and how Magic Spoon feeds the benefits into an action. 

Your eyes are naturally drawn to the bottom third of the creative where the “Shop Now” CTA is placed. 

It’s also a perfect headline, “Healthy Never Tasted Better.” 

Ad Copy 5

Product Ad: 

We love the eye-catching use of pink and the inclusion of all four flavours. 

While the cereal is the focal point, the eye is drawn to the boxes, precisely what you want. 👊

We’d suggest testing bullet points in the copy to break down what each type of cereal is. 

This could help drive higher intent click-through with more information.

Ad copy 6


This ad has the classic Magic Spoon colours, but we’re not compelled to swipe right. 

The following slide is always cut-off on carousels, so it’s key to make the left-half particularly enticing. 

For example, it could read “the only cereal that….”

Whatever you write, it’s crucial to keep users engaged and swiping until the end. 

TIP: Feature a discount on the last slide as a reward for users who’ve swiped all the way through!

Ad Copy 7


Each ad type, whilst perhaps not 100% always completely perfect, are all fantastic tactics to try as part of any paid advertising campaign that you are running.

Always remember that good ad copy with bright colours are far more likely than dull ones to stop users doom scrolling and stop to read your ad.

Consider what types of ads you want to run, then hire a graphic designer to help you bring those ideas to life. Take your time assembling materials such as these, and always A/B test until you find the ideal variation.

Published by Adrian Vella

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