5 Top Converting Tools for 2022

From A/B button tests to killer subject lines, a lot goes into attracting and converting customers. But taking a step beyond the landing page with purpose-built software can turn positive revenue into positively-smashing-it revenue.

So… what’s on offer?

From discount generators to product bundles, there’s an entire universe of funnel-building, CRO and ‘buy now’ software at your fingertips. 

But easy access can lead to too much of a good thing & an overwhelming checkout experience…

In fact, brands spend, on average, 23% of their budget on martech alone and the landscape has grown so large that Chief Martech recognised 8,000 different marketing software options in 2020.

So, as checkout aficionados, we’ve streamlined your choices and hand-picked four top converting tools every eCommerce marketer needs to try in 2022.

  1. Something to increase your average order value
  2. Something to generate new sales
  3. Something to create unique discounts for major groups
  4. Something to be discovered by active shoppers

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To increase your average order value…

Use http://www.increasingly.com

Increasingly is increasingly (sorry, we had to) appearing on every eCommerce site near you thanks to its killer AI bundling recommendations. 

Increasingly uses AI to understand previous shopping behaviours and recommend products for other shoppers to buy together. It solves the issue of confusing cross-product categories by making recommendations at each unique user’s checkout and can increase your revenue by 15%.  


  • Pay by performance or via a set monthly licence

Key feature

  • Increase average order value with AI bundled product recommendations

To generate new sales…

Use https://www.tribegroup.co/

Micro and nano influencers are one of the most effective ways to reach highly engaged niche audiences. But doing so can be extremely time-consuming as you approve branded content and manage affiliate fees. Tribe Group simplifies branded content and tracking to help you fill up your check out with new high-converting customers.


  • Starting at £370 per campaign

Key feature

  • Connect with creators at speed for unbeatably fresh & relevant affiliate content

To create unique discounts…

Use https://www.gocertify.me

Positive PR can feel a bit alien in today’s world, but brands are still out there doing the good work. For example, you can offer discounts to specific groups such as NHS staff or supermarket workers with Go Certify. Give back to those who kept us all fed & alive while PRing a positive news story to reach new conscientious customers.


  • Pay by performance

Key feature

  • Target large groups of the public like NHS staff with good-will discounts

To convince wary shoppers…

Use https://envolvetech.com/

The missing personal touch of shop staff is a common complaint in online shopping. Whether it’s to answer a query or ask for a recommendation, little equates to the experience of a real conversation. Envolve Tech offers an in-between solution. Something that gives shoppers peace of mind while still saving costs for retailers – the virtual shopping assistant. Using AI, Envolve does more than regurgitate FAQs; it actively looks for opportunities to upsell products and close more sales.


  • Pay on performance

Key feature

  • Use AI to harness upsell and converting moments in natural shopping conversations

To be discovered by active shoppers…

Use https://tyviso.com/

Tyviso appears after someone has made a purchase, a less competitive piece of real estate, so it offers less distraction while enriching the overall experience. As a part of Tyviso, all brands feature the ‘discount’ widget, which takes the user through to a recommendations platform filled with relevant and complimentary discounts. It’s a brand to brand recommendation platform targeted purely at actively shopping customers.


  • Pay on performance

Key feature

  • Be recommended at the point of purchase by complementary brands

Like these? Use these tools in conjunction to fill up your customer base, convert more people, increase their average spend, and give them discounts to boot. 

It’s essential to not zoom in on any one bit of your funnel too much. Instead, aim for a well-balanced strategy that attracts new eyeballs while successfully converting those who land on your website. 

Using purpose-built software can give you a jump start in this process, benefiting from specialists’ skills & hard work. And with all that extra time you can concentrate on your unforgettable products instead of stressing over marketing.

Published by Poppy Heap

Poppy combines her experience from digital agencies, in-house ecommerce, in-house-at-agencies, and freelancing to create marketing campaigns that people get. Plus, with a First Class Honours in Marketing, she feeds her fascination for how technology shapes our behaviour through useful straight-talking articles. Want more?

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