Create memorable order confirmation emails with secret rewards

Learn 3 ways to feature your rewards programme on your order confirmation email to drive repeat purchases.

Rewards & confirmation email summary:

– Confirmation emails have the highest open rate of any customer email yet rarely feature marketing content
– Brands can feature rewards on confirmation emails to elicit action without pressuring shoppers into a second purchase
– Remember to tailor your approach to each audience and build long-term relationships

Ready to understand the psychology behind rewarding customers, plus 3 ways to approach your confirmation email? Keep reading.

Transactional emails have the highest open rate of any email your brand will send, averaging a whopping 70%

So why are so many confirmation emails filled with dead space? 

The answer lies in who creates them. Ecommerce managers or developers usually create confirmation emails. These parties give the customer the necessary information to complete their action. They aren’t bothered about how to ask a customer for repeat orders or build a relationship.

Product and delivery date? Check. Personality? Voided.

But today, we’ll fix that. Take this as your sign to take the reins of your transactional emails and create the best post purchase emails possible.

How can you add a marketing twist to your transaction emails?

There are two key things marketers can contribute to their transactional emails, such as the order confirmation email:

  1. Improve the tone of voice – Avoid adding anything too wordy. Instead, focus on micro-copy and improve the tone of snippets of text. For example, “Your order has been approved” is pretty dull. How about “Great choice, NAME. Our factory elf, Henry, has your order and is packing it as we speak”.
  2. Offer something of value – Give customers something to do post-purchase by offering something of value. That might be a helpful blog or an intro to your brand values. Or (our favourite) a reward scheme. Helping customers interact with your brand will improve their brand retention and recall the next time they need your services.

Now we know why rewards are valuable to your order confirmation email; here are three ways to approach them.

3 ways to include rewards in your confirmation emails and optimise for customer loyalty

All audiences are unique, so they need a tailored approach—trial and test the following methods to see what works for your audience.

  1. Offer one a relevant reward

The big hitter. Offer one highly relevant and tempting reward to your customers. If you get the offer right, you’ll make the customer feel understood by your brand. One reward is also less pushy and overwhelming for customers who have already been through the checkout process.

  1. Ask them to create an account

The carrot on a string. This approach is perfect for audiences that prefer guest checkout. 

Use your confirmation email to inform customers of your rewards programme and tempt them back to the site to make an account to benefit from those sweet discounts.

  1. Offer a range of rewards

The more is more. When working with products with a broad appeal, customers typically don’t use too much mental energy to make a purchase. They are also part of a less defined user profile. 

With broad audiences, you can feature multiple rewards and loyalty prompts so that one is likely to fit their needs at the moment they open the email.

How to add Tyviso rewards to your confirmation emails

Here’s how Tyviso works:

  1. Set up a free Tyviso Rewards account and customise your rewards portal or landing page.
  2. Choose the rewards you want to feature in your email and upload a banner, promotional text, and CTA.
  3. Send customers to the reward portal where they can claim discounts and feel appreciated and understood by your brand.
  4. Wait for brands in the network to repay the favour and recommend your brand to their customers.

TL;DR: Take advantage of your high open rates on your order confirmation email and offer customers rewards for returning to your website.

Invest in your relationship with customers post-purchase, and you’ll build a fierce following of brand advocates.

Are you interested in adding rewards to your post-checkout emails? Request a free demo of Tyviso.

Published by Adrian Vella

He is the co-founder of Tyviso and COO. With 10 years experience in digital advertising, Adrian honed his skills primarily at online behemoth Yahoo!. Working across a range of specialties including, Search, Display and Native he twice received a CEO commendation and industry rising star at the IPA Media Owners awards. After Yahoo he gained further experience in Director level roles in Lead Generation, Affiliates and Influencer marketing, sitting on the industry steering group for the last. Adrian's goal is to enable all e-commerce brands to achieve risk free sales at a fixed cost.

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