Rocket your loyalty scheme conversions with these quick CRO & UX tips

Learn the secrets of optimising customer touchpoints for a greater impact on your loyalty scheme conversion rate.

Loyalty scheme CRO takeaways:

– Over-featuring your loyalty scheme can be better than under-promoting it, but it’s still easy to go overboard.
– Before you promote your loyalty scheme, you must make it: Obvious, clear, attractive, and easy.
– To increase the CRO of your loyalty scheme registrations, run experiments on how you feature it across universal, transactional, and trigger-based implementation points.

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When it comes to loyalty schemes, website managers tend to sit in one of two camps:

  1. The first is the cheerleader. They’re a tad overzealous and feature the scheme everywhere. We get it; It’s easy to get overexcited regarding your loyalty scheme. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to earn money off your fantastic service? 
  1. The second is the shysters. These marketers are under confident in their scheme and fail to mention it beyond a hidden menu link.

The most successful loyalty programmes find a middle ground between these points. In this article, we’ll teach you how to improve the CRO of your loyalty scheme and the UX across sign up touchpoints on your site.

How to increase the conversion rate of your loyalty scheme sign-ups

Looking to work some CRO magic on your loyalty or rewards program? Here are the conversion rate laws to apply to your loyalty scheme:

  1. Make it obvious – Make the fact you have a scheme obvious. Include it in visible places across the site and favour clarity over fun puns and slogans.
  2. Make it clear – Make the details of the scheme abundantly clear. Ensure shoppers know what their loyalty scheme entails to decide if it is right for them.
  3. Make it attractive – Speaking of those rewards, make the reward or loyalty scheme attractive. Your newsletter likely already offers 10% off your product range. Instead, opt for more significant discounts or a reward programme like Tyviso.
  4. Make it easy – Make the scheme easy to sign up for and use. We’ve heavily tested the UX of Tyviso to make it super slick for the end user.

Where to feature your loyalty scheme to increase account creation

Hero banner

Include an icon, text, or dedicated banner slide featuring your loyalty scheme.

Pros: Universal implementation of your reward programme means customers can access it on every page.

Cons: Takes up valuable space and can be annoying to customers who aren’t interested.


Include text and a link to your loyalty scheme in your footer. If your design guidelines allow it, feature a hero reward in the footer.

Pros: Universal implementation of your reward programme means customers can access it on every page.

Cons: You might bury your reward scheme at the bottom of long pages.

Transaction points

Feature a loyalty banner at transaction points such as the checkout or subscription point.

Pros: Targets highly engaged customers.

Cons: Can distract users from their primary task, such as completing a purchase.

Time triggers

Feature the scheme in an (unintrusive) pop-up after a certain amount of time has lapsed on the page.

Pros: Targets engaged customers who may be uncertain of what to do next.

Cons: Can disrupt customers who are about to make a purchase.

Scroll triggers

Feature the scheme in an (unintrusive) pop-up after they reach a certain depth on a determined page.

Pros: Targets engaged customers who are struggling to make a choice.

Cons: Can disrupt concentrating customers who are about to make a purchase.

TL;DR: Optimise your loyalty scheme registrations by testing your implementation across the hero banner and footer, transactional points, and time or scroll depth triggers.

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Published by Adrian Vella

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