How to upgrade from post-purchase leaflets for 2022

Brand to brand partnerships are everywhere in 2021. And while physical sampling and inserts have their place, eCommerce brands have (thankfully) become more sophisticated. 

Affiliate links and co-branded online product drops increase awareness and skyrocket relevancy in the customer market, all with the added bonus of that sweet, sweet, trackable ROI.

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How to choose what discount to give during your next sale

“What twist can we use for this campaign? What will be the killer message or hook? We need something original. Something thumb-stopping!”

“Er, how about 10% off?”

“Great, Scott, you’ve cracked it! 10% off. Outstanding.”

While we joke, this discount pricing ‘strategy’ is all too common in marketing. 

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What is Partner Marketing and Why Does It Deliver Great Value

Partner Marketing is potentially the lucrative channel that you are unknowingly missing.

In the ever-changing and very competitive e-commerce market, it’s getting harder and harder to promote a product and drive traffic to a site with the purpose to increase sales.

Having a varied channel mix becomes crucial for the growth of every business. After that, refining and optimising it becomes the perfect way to have a well-performing acquisition strategy.

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How To Grow Your Email List Before Black Friday

Black Friday is coming and soon. You may have your campaigns ready to go, but what about your customers?

The sad fact is the average eight-week retention rate for most industries is below 20%. So if you haven’t seen growth to your email list in the months before Black Friday, you’re likely preaching to a disengaged audience.

A robust email list is crucial to BFCM success. Let’s dive into how we can grow yours right now.

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How To CRUSH Your Cart Abandon Issue

Abandon Cart emails. You know they’re essential for your business (right? right).

The average shopping abandon rate is a whopping 88%, and Abandon Cart email flows can earn back 3-14% of those lost sales (which can add up ).

The possibilities are endless, and yet many Abandon Cart emails have some version of the same message:

“Hey stranger, you left something in your cart. Come back and buy it. Please?”

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SMS – Old Or Gold At Generating Sales?

You’re probably thinking – who sends a text these days, right? Believe it or not, in the US, in 2019, over 2.1 trillion SMS messages were sent. This is down from 2.3 trillion in 2011 but does not represent a substantial downturn.

SMS still holds substantial value for eCommerce businesses – SMS marketing can be used for various purposes, including promotions, important announcements, order details, and even collecting feedback.

Below are a few ways you can use SMS to your benefit.

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Improve Your E-mail CTR With These Quick Tips

In another move that will give marketers headaches and sleepless nights, Apple eliminates e-mail pixel tracking for its users.

With the ability to see open rates disappear, marketers need to instead track click-through rates and drive users to take action.

So, let’s get to it.

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Instagram Checkout: Your New Best Friend

Instagram has several features such as product tags and in-app checkout that are helping businesses increase their sales on the platform.

Instagram checkout is an excellent example of ‘Instant Gratification’ that shoppers crave. 

Today, more than 130 million Instagram users tap on product tags.

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